Welcome to the Transgender Umbrella Area of Narcotics Anonymous. All are welcome at our meetings. However, we recognize the challenges facing transgender and gender non-conforming people and host common needs meetings for such addicts.
* Seventh Tradition: donations can be made to individual groups or directly to the area at paypal.me/transuana.
* The Spectrum of Recovery group offers two weekly meetings to carry the message to addicts on the autism spectrum and neuro-divergent addicts.
* New meetings: If your group is interested in joining the Transgender Area of Narcotics Anonymous, please send an email to tuana.prchair@gmail.com and send your GSR to the next Area Service Committee meeting.
* All meetings in the Trans Umbrella Area use the Zoom platform. TUANA is not affiliated with Zoom.
*All communication with this site is encrypted and cannot be read in transit.